Monday, May 11, 2009

She Lives!

I am alive. The junior high play is over, and once again it failed to kill me. Now that that's done, I will have more time for, well, everything.

Just a few random things in no particular order.

1. As I mentioned, the play is over. The kids were AMAZING. Good lord these kids could sing. And act. And I'm a teensy bit emotional about losing some of them to the high school next year. And have I mentioned that I have the best students in the world?? (Expect an entry about the play later).

2. Strange Fascination is up to 60 pages, people. Honestly. This was supposed to be a short story! Brevity, I know you not.

3. I leave for LeakyCon in a little over a week. OMG LEAKYCON. Harry Potter nonsense, seeing good friends from Scribby and Leaky in general (and Sarah! OMG SARAH!), Boston, and rubbing elbows with authors. What, I ask, is not to love???

4. I auditioned for a musical called Urinetown. No joke. I feel the need to pee constantly.

5. I am gardening, and I love it.

6. Nineteen days of school left, though, counting LeakyCon and the fact that I take the last week to do inventory, it's really more like 12 days. This rocks completely.

7. Only three left on American Idol. Just so we're clear, I want Adam Lambert to win.

That is all for now, my pretties.

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