Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome to the Manor!

So much for that "I'll post more often, I swear!" promise, huh?

Well, as you can see, my blog has found a new home. There are a lot of reasons for this change, but the main one is that I didn't feel like WordPress and I could reconcile our differences. It just wouldn't let me be, well, me. I needed a place a bit more casual and a bit easier to work with, which Blogger is. It's still under construction but bear with me as I adjust to my new surroundings. Come on in and enjoy some tea. A Westhaven would never let you stand outside in the cold.

The other day, as we were driving to see Slumdog Millionaire, (excellent movie) Mel and I had a conversation about how much we'd like to see a website that could combine Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, and Blogger. It would be an internet utopian society. You could blog, join communities, instantly connect with friends, etc. Why hasn't this happened yet, world? WHY?

Regardless, the Manor is one less step for me now. My other two blogs (which I haven't started work on yet) are here too, and I can at least link it to Faceboook. My LJ is still separate, and that's okay for now. Although I plan on being a little more loose over here than I was previously, my LJ is where I let it all hang out in a slightly unprofessional manner (i.e., it's where I rant and rave), and I don't want that to get mixed up with all my authorial duties.

So, updates:

First and foremost, I have finished edits on TRUE NORTH. *everyone cheers* Secondly, I've outlined DUE SOUTH and I've found that, indeed, my characters know exactly what they're doing, so all I have to do is trust them and get typing. Lastly, my YA novel idea keeps doing laps in my brain, so the short story I wrote to let it stretch its legs turned out to be a very good exercise. Look for it soon. I'm going to post it here for fun, and I think I'll turn it in to a few contests as well.

A few of my favorite agents are taking part in a Twitter feed (a Tweet? A Twit? I'm so lost on the terminology) called QueryFail, Tweeting in query mistakes. Hilarious and informative. Look it up, people.

As for that non-writing part of my life, everything's good. The junior high musical is shaping up, I'm enjoying school immensely this year, I'm busy reading WATCHMEN by Alan Moore and THE ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES by John Green, (yay! John is coming to LeakyCon in May!), and I dove head first into this season of American Idol.

Vote for Adam Lambert!


Sorry about that. Told ya I was going to be a bit more casual here...

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